Certified Managed Care Nurse (CMCN)

Home Study Preparatory Course
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The AAMCN home study preparatory course provides a comprehensive understanding of the core areas within managed care nursing. The course is an excellent introduction for nurses transitioning from direct patient care, allows flexibility for nurses working in one role to transition easily into another within the organization, as well as enhances the knowledge base of nurses who have been working in managed care for years.

The course covers:

● Care, chronic condition, quality & utilization management

● The history of healthcare as it relates to the development of managed care

● Managed care products & reimbursement

● Using information technology for managed care

● Negotiation skills for managed care nurses

● Legal and risk management issues

● A nurse's role in ethical decision making

● Introduction to nursing informatics

● Nursing implications of managed care contracting

● Consumer advocacy

● Accreditation and provider profiling

● Continuous Quality Improvement

● Healthcare reform & looking forward

● Managed Care Nursing model & glossary of terms

The Home Study course comes with:
● Managed Care textbook
● Study Guide
● 6 Audio book files
● A practice test worth 19 hours
   continuing nursing education credits
● Access to the AAMCN study app





The American Association of Managed Care Nurses is accredited as a provider of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Centerís Commission on Accreditation. Nurses who complete this activity, successfully pass the posttest and turn in a completed evaluation will receive 19.00 hours in continuing nursing education credits.


Certified Managed Care Nurse (CMCN) versus Case Manager (CCM):

What's the difference?



CMCN coursework is an overview of case management, disease management, quality and utilization review/management, and preventative healthcare.

CCM workshops relay case management and case management-related knowledge.

CMCN requires completed coursework, but you don't need a certain number of years working in managed care, just a valid nursing (RN or LVN) license.

CCM requires 1-2 years of case management employment experience.

The CMCN course is completely self-driven and can be completed at home, in your own time. The CMCN Home Study is $350 for the course and one year of membership with AAMCN. For groups of 3 or more, the Home Study can be purchased at $295 each.

The CCMC offers a 2-day workshop to prepare you for the CCM Exam, which costs $599 and requires extra travel and accommodation expenses.

To renew your CMCN, you need 25 nursing CEUs and $55 every 3 years.

Renewing your CCM requires 80 CEUs and $199 every five years.

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