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Certification in Managed Care Nursing (CMCN) Process


Process of Preparing for and Obtaining the CMCN

The Certification in Managed Care Nursing (CMCN) credential, administered by the American Board of Managed Care Nursing (ABMCN), is becoming more widespread throughout managed care, receiving substantially more recognition as both AAMCN and the number of nurses obtaining the certification continues to grow. AAMCN provides the preparatory course for the CMCN certification, but ABMCN monitors and administers the exam. This guide should help clarify the process for obtaining certification and distinguish between AAMCN membership and CMCN certification renewals.


ABMCN Candidate’s Guide for CMCN Certification



CMCN Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must meet an acceptable minimum level of basic knowledge of the following components: Managed Care Overview, Health Care Economics, Health Care Management and Patient Issues.

Basic knowledge is verified in one of two ways:

1.    Candidates can purchase the preparatory curriculum material from the American Association of Managed Care Nurses (AAMCN) OR

2.    Candidates can submit a signed job description, resume and educational background that attest to completion of equivalent course work taken elsewhere to the American Board of Managed Care Nurses (ABMCN) for approval to sit for the exam. The Board of Directors reviews candidates submitting this method of eligibility on a quarterly basis.

AAMCN offers the preparatory course for the CMCN exam, while ABMCN administers monitors and oversees all details of the certification. Many AAMCN members have their CMCN certification, but the relationship between AAMCN and the CMCN lies only with the home study preparatory course.


The following steps are for the candidates who purchase the home study course.


For Candidates who purchase the AAMCN preparatory course:

1.    Purchase the Home Study course from the American Association of Managed Care Nurses (AAMCN) *Group rates are available – contact us at 804-747-9698 for more information

Ř  Each individual must purchase a course in order to receive CEUs and obtain eligibility to sit for the exam

Ř  Each individual must complete and submit the post test/evaluation within 6 months of purchasing the course

Ř  Once completed, the post-test and evaluation form for the course must be sent back to AAMCN by mail or fax

Ř  Upon completion of the home study course, each individual will receive 13.25 CEUs; once AAMCN receives the post-test and evaluation forms, each individual will be mailed or emailed a copy of their CEUs

Ř  From the date on those CEUs (in other words, the date that the post-test/evaluation were received), each individual has 120 days to sit for the CMCN exam

2.    Certification Requirements after the Home Study Program 

Ř  Following the completion of the Home Study and obtaining the CEUs, each individual has 120 days to sit for the CMCN exam

Ř  During that window, each individual must send in their proctor form, an exam application a copy of their nursing license and their examination fee to ABMCN at least TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the expected date of sitting for the exam.  These forms should be mailed to:


4435 Waterfront Drive, Suite 101

Glen Allen, VA 23060

Fax: (804) 747-5316


Ř  The examination fee of $250 is to be paid to the American Board of Managed Care Nurses (ABMCN) – the entity that administers and monitors the exam – not AAMCN, who provides the Home Study preparatory course

Ř  All exam material will be sent directly to the proctor

Ř  Upon successfully completing the CMCN examination, results are mailed to the candidate


For any questions regarding the CMCN examination, please contact ABMCN at (804) 527-1905



Certification Renewal Process

·         The CMCN certification is renewed on three (3) year intervals, beginning January 1st following the passing of the certification exam and ending on December 31st of the third year (example of interval – January 1, 2009 thru December 31, 2011)

·         During the three (3) year interval, each individual must demonstrate ongoing professional development with proof of 25 CEUs and verification of current licensure as a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse – documentation of continuing education must be submitted to ABMCN

·         Advanced notices are sent to each individual regarding their upcoming renewal date (to allow plenty of time to obtain the requirements) three (3) times during the renewal year – at the beginning, middle, and toward the end of the year

·         The cost of the CMCN renewal (licensing) fee is $55.00 if the CMCN is renewed prior to January 31st of the following year after the renewal date (example – if renew date is December 31, 2011, the fee is $55.00 if paid before January 31, 2012)

·         There will be a late fee of $25.00 if renewing after January 31st

·         The CMCN can be renewed online at


AAMCN Membership vs. CMCN Certification/Renewal

AAMCN Membership and CMCN Renewal are often confused with each other

AAMCN Membership – Renews Annually

·         AAMCN Membership is an annual renewal and begins from the date of purchase/join, not by calendar year (example – if you purchased the home study program with membership on June 5, 2010, your renew date will be June 5, 2011)

·         Renewal renewal reminder notices are sent via email for membership dues

·         AAMCN annual membership renewals are paid to AAMCN, whereas CMCN renewals are paid to ABMCN